GoodMills is the lead provider of flour products for business to business and business to consumer market in Romania.
The Pantelimon Complex has modern facilities.

2 Buhler wheat mills
1 Buhler corn mill;
Annual processing capacity – 223.000 to
grain reception silos with a storage capacity of 38000 tons of care, which is equipped with a pre-cleaning system before the proper cleaning in the mill.
2 flour lines with a capacity of approximately 500t / day (the first line produces a special flour with a capacity of 194t / day, and the second line has a capacity of 320t / day);
1 corn line with a capacity of 240t / day;
2 mixing lines, continuous mixing and batch mixing of 1t.
corn flakes production line with a capacity of 6t / day
a packing section for semolina, flour, pesmet and hominy packages.
The delivery of our products is made in bags and at the tank.


Milling capacity 190 tons/24 h

Bulk flour storage cells capacity 1600 tons (6 cells *18 tons, 8 cells * 180 tons)

Bran production capacity 45 tons/24 h

Bran storage cells capacity 90 tons

Packaging lines – capacity 40 tons /24 h

Palletizing sacks -25 kg -144 tons/24h 50 kg -276 tons/24h

Warehouse capacity 1660 pallets

The delivery of our products is made in bags and at the tank.