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Bianka Hruska

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About us

GoodMills România has a long tradition in the milling manufacturing Romanian market being also one of the oldest factories in the country. During time, the company developed its product portfolio and invested in building a modern factory with a bigger production capacity, offering its clients products such as: broad flour porfolio, wheat and corn semolina, cereals and pesmet.

Currently the company own several successful brands – Titan, Raftul Bunicii, Fortza and GoodMills Professional. In 1999 Loulis Group entered the Romanian market by taking the two profile units from Bucharest and Targu Mures. In July 2007 Loulis S.A rebranded in TITAN S.A. following its holding selling to GoodMills Group.

Currently present in 7 countries, GoodMills Group operates 25 mills that process annually about 2.8k tons of grain. GoodMills Group generates annual sales of about €980M and has about 2,300 employees.

Laurentiu Bontescu
Managing director

Hristoskov Stefan
Financial director

As a part of GoodMills Group, GoodMills Romania is commited and shares the same Vision, Mission and Values as the Group.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make a significant contribution to the nourishment of Central and Eastern Europe – sustainable, valuable and economically successful.
We want to provide the highest standards of quality and expertise for the milling industry. We are opened to innovations that provide our business partners and end-consumers products of the highest quality, in line with the evolution of the daily life.
This makes us the first choice for our customers, employees and other stakeholders.

We drive the power of grains!
  • Our industrial mills deliver the power of grains in quality, anywhere, any time. We select the finest and authentic grains that we convert in high quality products, such as flour, semolina or maise.
  • Our brands bring the power of grains into the home and the hearts of the end-consumers. Our products are a reliable source of help and inspiration for cooking enthusiasts.
  • Our innovations unlock the power of grains. We use only the finest machines and advanced technology in our mills in every country we exist, to manufacture our products. We keep up with the milling industry trends in order to provide our end-consumers and stakeholders with high quality flour and bakery products.

Our Mission

  • We exist because …
  • we provide a valuable source of nutrition for more than 200 million consumers in Europe – every day! Our products such as flour, semolina or maise, are found in large commercial chains in every country, being accesible globally and to everyone.
  • We offer …
  • commodity grain-based products at competitive prices, reliable and stable across countries. We provide key products that everyone needs on a daily basis and that are good to be kept in the house. Our product prices are more than affordable. The results of using our products in the kitchen are satisfactory for the end-consumers.
  • brands that make consumers happy at home. There is no greater pleasure than to cook foods or bake cakes with or for the loved ones. Our range of products are closely connected to family memories, homemade goodies and feelings of joy, happiness, love and care that end-consumers have for friends or relatives.
  • innovations that add value to our industrial and bakery partners. We are a global leader in innovative techniques that allow us to process the best milled grain products and to refine the flour properties in order to provide end-users with value-adding products.
  • We work …
  • as the best European grain processing company with our client and supplier needs in focus. Our products come as a solution for homemade cooking or baking foods and we strive to deliver the quality and results our clients and suppliers seek.
  • as one company with pride, open communication and in a strong team. The GoodMills Group is a big family, scattered in 7 countries. We treasure each member of the group and we reinforce our teams motivations by constantly ensuring a unique experience in working with our mills and products.
  • with operational excellence and cost consciousness. We efficiently reconcile costs and production, in order to deliver the highest quality products on the flour and bakery market.
  • with an entrepreneurial spirit and “get things done” approach. We take advantage of every opportunity we see, to make the milling industry better and better. We double our efforts to manufacture good quality products and to keep our clients and suppliers happy with our services. We don’t stop until we’re proud.

Our Values

At GoodMills, we are committed to our values – these are The 8 GoodMills GOODs:

  • 1. Good people and teams. Every member of our group is equally treasured and respected within the company. We put great trust in their work and the way they collaborate in teams that are united and strongly motivated to deliver the best outcome possible for our clients and suppliers.
  • 2. Good products. High quality products are in the core of our business. We constantly seek ways of improving the nutritional properties of our flour, semolina and maise products. Our quality is constantly stable. Our product range includes traditional flour, specialty flour, functional flour and customer-specific mixtures.
  • 3. Good knowledge in technology. Using modern technology, we can do things better, bigger and faster in the process of manufacturing fast moving consumer goods.
  • 4. Good partnership with customers and suppliers. We work towards a common purpose and that is to ensure customers and suppliers enjoy the finest flour, semolina or maise products available on the market. Their trust and respect for all of our efforts is what drives us to succeed in accomplishing their needs and desires.
  • 5. Good in understanding consumers. Everything we do revolves around one question: „What do consumers want to experience when they are thinking or buying our products?” We constantly strive to know their cooking needs and desires and we act accordingly.
  • 6. Good in innovation. Innovation is the core of evolution. We adjust to cooking and milling trends worldwide and integrate them in our everyday business.
  • 7. Good in getting things done. We are defined by our actions and this is the reason that we are so focused on the „getting things done” approach.
  • 8. Good treatment of resources. We value all the good resources we have or can get, because they help us evolve and provide consumers with products that they need on a daily basis.


We believe that success is built on trust and honesty. The responsible introduction and observance of the existing legal requirements are fundamental for us. As part of the largest European milling holding, GoodMills Group, our company complies with the Guidelines for Assistance, valid for all companies in the holding. The guidelines include the principles of transparency, ethical and fair implementation, lawful processing of information and corporate property management. They are applied by everyone, including managing directors, department managers and employees. In our daily work and in our relations with third parties, our company respects not only the legal norms, but also the ethical values.

The guidelines for compliance cover the following areas:

  • Compliance with laws;
  • Prohibition of discrimination;
  • Fair competition;
  • Providing and accepting inappropriate benefits, gifts and invitations;
  • Conflict of interests;
  • Donations;
  • Sponsorship;
  • Protection of corporate property and non-public information.

We carry out successful and professional internal and external cooperation on the clearly regulated principles of behavior and business activity and their understanding.

In order to promote the optimal implementation of the Compliance Guidelines, we have appointed a contact person regarding compliance: compliance@goodmills.bg